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Spiral cutterhead evenly distributes the planing points to each processing blade, and fine-tune the angle between the blade and the processing surface, which can be easily adjusted to adapt to the processing of different materials. It is the standard tool for woodworking machinery.

Spiral cutter heads provided by UKO include heavy-cutting spiral cutter heads and light-cutting spiral cutter heads. The heavy-cutting spiral cutter head is mainly used for automatic copy milling machines, vertical shaft machines, four-sided planers, and cutting forming. The light-cutting spiral cutter head is mainly used for vertical shaft machines, four-sided planers, etc., and is characterized by smooth and round cutting surfaces.


Light Heavy cutting woodworking cutterheadLight cutting spiral cutter head:

The light-cutting spiral cutter head can be used for vertical axis machines, profile milling, four-sided planing. The specifications of this series of spiral cutter heads are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications.

  • T.C.T alloy blade size is 14*14*2.0mm or 15*15*2.5mm
  • Diameter range of cutter head: 80-200mm
  • Length range of cutter head: 150-160mm
  • Groove number range: 4T-12T
  • Choice of Steel or Aluminum Body

Heavy cutting spiral cutter head:

  • Structural composition of the heavy-cut spiral cutter head
    Our heavy-cutting spiral cutter head adopts a high-quality cemented carbide disposable blade and high-quality balanced knife base, with a pressure block and double-end screw to lock the design of the disposable blade together to ensure a more stable blade clamping, and the disposable blade can carry large and deep cutting volume.
woodworking tool spiral cutterheadTool body: Use high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy tool steel, with good machinability, high tool structure strength, good cutting stability, and extended tool life.

Cutting edge material: for the spiral cutter head, UKO always uses 15×15×2.5-30/37 degrees, while the helical cutter head, the cutting edge alloy specification is 30×12×1.5, and the assembly method without high-temperature welding ensures that the hardness of each blade is above HRA92.5 degrees, and the wear resistance is good. High impact resistance, high heat resistance, sharp cutting edge, can adapt to the flat processing of various wood and furniture, the processing surface is smooth and clean, which greatly improves the service life and processing quality of the tool. When the blade is passivated, the factory operator disassembles the blade by himself and replaces the blade, which is simple to operate and saves investment costs.

woodworking finger joint cutter
woodworking finger joint cutter details
woodworking finger joint cutter material


  • A finger joint cutter is used to combine short material and wood scraps for the extension.
  • This kind of joint can strengthen the hardness of the wood itself.
  • High precision, wear resistance, cutting edge strength, not easy to break teeth, and make the surface of the workpiece more smooth; also is 2 to 3 times the life of a normal cutter.
  • For processing hardwood, solid wood, chipboard, and other wood; Suitable for machines such as finger-connecting machine, tenon-opening machine, comb – tooth machine, double-sided planer, etc.

The standard sizes:
woodworking finger joint cutter drawing

Diameter(mm) Bore Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm) Wings(T) Cutting Depth(mm)
160 50 4 4 12
160 50 10 4 12
160 50 4 2 12
160 50 10 2 12
160 35 4 4 12
160 35 10 4 12
160 50 4 2 12
160 70 4 2 9
160 50 4 4 9
160 50 4 4 12
160 50 4 4 12

Custom instructions:

  • The outer diameter or bottom diameter of the cutter hole and the number of teeth required.
  • The direction of tool rotation (clockwise needle or anti-clockwise needle) upward, downward, or left, right.
  • Species used in wooden machinery.
  • The thickness of the wood material or important measurement data.

The finished wood is seamless without holes.

Edge Bander PCD Pre-Milling Cutter
Edge Bander PCD Pre-Milling Cutter features
Edge Bander PCD Pre-Milling Cutter size
Diamond Milling Cutter are widely used in furniture, cabinets, wooden doors and other woodworking processing industries. They are durable and cost-effective. Tool life is increased by 100 times and they are durable for 12 months without grinding.

Fast Cutting Speed CNC Spiral Cutter for Wood Bottom Cleaning features
This indexable router bit is great for trimming, planning, jointing, rebating, cutting, hogging operations on solid hardwood and composite materials. For use on all CNC machining centers, such as CNC routers, CNC robotics, 5 axis CNC machining center, etc.

Fast Cutting Speed CNC Spiral Cutter for Wood Bottom Cleaning advantages 3
Fast Cutting Speed CNC Spiral Cutter for Wood Bottom Cleaning advantages 2
Fast Cutting Speed CNC Spiral Cutter for Wood Bottom Cleaning advantages 1
Fast Cutting Speed CNC Spiral Cutter for Wood Bottom Cleaning drawing

OD (mm) L1 (mm) d (mm) L2 (mm) Wings
40 40 12.7 / 16 50 4T+ Bottom Clearance
40 50 16 / 20 / 25 50 4T+ Bottom Clearance
50 50 16 / 20 / 25 50 4T+ Bottom Clearance
50 60 16 / 20 / 25 50 4T+ Bottom Clearance
50 80 16 / 20 / 25 50 4T+ Bottom Clearance
50 100 16 / 20 / 25 50 4T+ Bottom Clearance
50 120 16 / 20 / 25 50 4T+ Bottom Clearance

DW735 show

dw735 spiral cutter head with shaft

  • High efficiency, the spiral cutter head body and cutter are designed with high precision, and the wood planing is made more delicate and smooth by combining with sectional cutting. Also the cutter is assembled without high-temperature welding to ensure that the hardness of each cutter is higher than HRA 93.5 degrees.
  • Lower cost, the normal service life of the spiral cutter head is 5-10 times longer than the traditional HSS cutter. Not only greatly improves the surface finish of the wood, reduces or eliminates the sanding process of the wood, but also reduces the processing cost.
  • Easy to remove chip. The section cutting process makes the wood chips very fine, then the chip removal is easier. Energy saving and power saving, and reduces the overall load of the machine during the operation, greatly improving the machine’s performance service life.
  • Upgrade, spiral cutter is an innovative product of traditional straight knife cutter, which is gradually replacing the traditional cutter and widely used.
  • Also, there is no difference of the cutter head changing process, which is convenient and quick.
  • R&D and production ability to keep up with market trends.
  • Technical support ability to solve processing solutions for customers in all aspects.
  • Adequate stock to ensure fast delivery.

spiral cutterhead DW735 R150 Vs DW735
UKO DW735 R150 Vs DEWALT Old Type:

  • The carbide knives of UKO new design are embedded in the machined slot, the three sides of the knife are protected, and only one side is needed at a time, reducing the possibility of the knife bursting.
  • The carbide inserts from the old model just install on the surface, it’s easy to broken.
DW735 Advantage show
DW735 Pressed by 5 axis linkage machine which can be used to process wings with R150 arc knife and chip breaker
  • Smoother finish with no tear-out: Each knife sits at a slight angle and it produces a shear cut, which is much better than a single straight cut.
  • Easy to change: Loose the screw, rotate 90° for a new edge, tighten the insert in minutes, It cuts your production time by 30%.
  • Noise is 40% reduced: As spiral cutter head allows a few knives to cut in a staggered way.
  • Service life is >10 times than HSS: The 15x15x2.5mm inserts are made of sintered tungsten carbide and each insert has four edges.
  • Low cost to use: Spiral cutter head reduces or eliminates sanding work and sharpening, you products will pay for itself in a very short time.

Spiral cutterhead applications

  • Whether it is used for processing cork, hardwood, hard to process wood or other non wood materials like acrylic and aluminum, we can always provide you with wood processing solutions.
  • Whether you need a general cutting or heavy cutting for hand press planer, single side planer, double side planer, four side planer, or other higher requirements of surface smoothness, UKO can provide you with the corresponding cutter head, knives, saw blades and other tools.


Why choose us?

  • The tool body uses 45# carbon structure steel or 7 series of aluminum alloy tools, good cutting performance, improved tool heat dissipation capacity, cutter body has high structural strength, cutting is more stable, and the tool life is long.
  • The blade material does not adopt high-temperature welding, ensuring that the hardness of each blade is above HRA92.5, the wear resistance is good, the impact resistance, high heat resistance, sharp edge, can adapt to the plane processing of various wood and furniture, processing The surface is smooth, which greatly enhances the tool life and processing quality.
  • The balance machine tool test is strictly carried out before delivery.

To provide you with professional customization, please provide the outer diameter of the spiral head, the thickness of the wood, the hole diameter in the helical head, the number of spiral head teeth.

Please follow the following customization procedures:

  1. Consult our customer service staff through RFQ, WhatsApp, Email, or phone.
  2. Please provide your spiral head design drawing or related data.
  3. We carry out CAD drawings according to your data.
  4. Wait for you to confirm the drawings, we complete the final production and shipments.

According to years of experience in tool design and production, we ensure reasonable product design, ensuring that the tool head is not easily deformed, with anti-corrosion wear resistance, beautifully practical, and long service life.

How a spiral cutterhead works?2021-10-19T05:58:44+00:00

For the spiral cutterhead to work properly, it must be properly installed, and careful daily maintenance, please follow the steps below.

  • When the spiral cutterhead has been installed on the machine, the equipment power must be turned off before changing the woodworking carbide inserts.
  • Use an air gun or a brush to remove debris, dust, and other foreign matter on the knife shaft.
  • Turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw. Use an air gun or a brush to remove debris and dust from the knife holder to ensure that the knife holder is clean. To prevent the blade from cracking or “edges” on the planed surface.
  • When changing a cutting edge, wipe the blade clean and rotate it 90 degrees. Note: there is a marked point on the surface of the reversible insert to ensure the same orientation and avoid the wrong replacement of the old and new cutting edges.
  • Gently press the blade and slide it a few times to make the bottom surface of the blade fit the blade holder. Lock the screw clockwise and the blade will automatically press against the blade holder positioning table. (Note: In order to ensure that the screws and screw holes will not bite and rust firmly, and to prevent it from being loosened next time, the screws need to be lubricated with oil when changing the blade).
  • Carefully check whether the blade is correctly placed on the blade holder to avoid cutting the blade or cutting edges when the blade is locked.
  • Check the Reversible Knives before use. If it is broken, please replace it immediately to avoid safety accidents and damage to the product. Check the screws frequently to avoid loosening them.

What are the advantages of dw735 spiral cutter shaft?

Firstly, if you replaced the cutter with spiral cutter shaft, that will overcome some problems of flat blades, and has the following advantages:

  • Spiral cutting surface, to ensure that the wood is not torn or tenon.
  • Segmented cutting, very small sawdust, easy to absorb and discharge.
  • Segmented cutting also leting minimal noise, more stable machine.

Among them, DW735 spiral cutter shaft is special R150 degree arc cutter shaft: on the basis of segmented cutting, realize point cutting and perfect planing. Point cutting makes the surface of wood more smooth and delicate; the wood chips are smaller to achieve perfect chip removal; the contact surface is smaller and the machine is quieter and more stable.

Advantages of spiral cutter shaft:

  • Spiral cutting surface: the high-precision design and manufacturing technology arranges the reasonable row of discarded blades around the cutter body to form a smaller cutting surface in unit time, so as to improve the burning mark and the tenon of the blade.
  • Very small sawdust: small cutting area per unit time, very small sawdust formed. It is easy to absorb sawdust in the Chinese and British dust collection system, making the working environment cleaner and more comfortable.
  • The planing effect is more smooth and delicate: the high design of cutter body and blade, plus the benefits of segmented cutting, is to make planing smooth and delicate.
  • Low noise: the noise value generated by the contact between the wood surface and the flat blade in the same time reduces about 30 to 50 dB.
  • The machine is more stable: in unit time, the cutting area is small, the friction is small, the cutting resistance is small, and the vibration amplitude of the machine is smaller, so it is more stable.

So much for today’s introduction of DW735 cutter head.

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