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Wire Straightening Dies

Wire straightening dies are used in wire drawing machines, wire drawing machines, drawing machines, and straightening machines as one of the processing parts to make the diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightening of wire or bar meet the raw material treatment requirements required for the production of metal products such as standard parts.

UKO manufacture was excellent wear-resistant wire straightening dies and wire-guide bushes for your wire processing operation, tungsten carbide wire guides dies for straightening machines, wire drawing machines, wire mesh machines. Material supplied is rough or finished and polished.

Grade Carbide Content (%) Cobalt Content (%) Density (g/cm³) T.R.S (MPa) Hardness (HRA) Performance & Applications Recommended
YG6X 94 6 14.95 1800 91.5 For drawing steel and nonferrous wires or bars of less than 6.00mm under not so much stress.
YG6 94 6 14.95 1900 90.5 For drawing steel, nonferrous alloy bars of less than 20.00mm under more stress and also for drawing tubes of less than 10.00mm.
YG8 92 8 14.8 2200 89.5 For drawing steel and nonferrous bars and tubes, also for manufacturing mechanical parts, tools, and wear parts.
YG10 90 10 14.5 2400 88.5 Same above
YG15 85 15 14 2800 87 For drawing steel bars and tubes with a high reduction rate and for manufacturing anvils, drilling and punching and impacting.

Carbide wire guid componentsCarbide Wire Guide Dies Including:

  • Tungsten carbide wire guides
  • Tungsten carbide bush
  • Carbide bunching and stranding dies
  • Tungsten carbide straightener dies

Drawing of wire straightening dies and guides

Why choose us?

  • With more than 16 years experience of in manufacturing tungsten carbide dies for the metalworking industry, for wire and bar drawing plants, UKO has gained business partners from various directions with positive feedback.
  • We make Carbide Wire Guides which are used in spring manufacturing machines. We use good wear-resistant grade Carbide for these wire guides for the wire cold form industry.
  • Feedback within 24 hours.
  • Professional suggestion on product.
  • Pood training export salesperson.
  • Skilled in tungsten carbide sell.
  • Could issue the C/O(certificate of origin)to the customer to reduce the tax.
  • Could accept all payment terms of T/T(both in advanced and after shipment), D/P, D/A, L/C, western union, PayPal and etc.
  • Could offer free samples below 0.5kgs under the condition of freight paid by the customer.
  • MOQ 5kgs for sintered blank.


What is straightening bushes?2021-10-20T07:23:04+00:00

Straightening bushes, wire guides for wire processing machines and guide blocks for the wire. Our manufactures and sells carbide straightening and wire-guide bushes, also mounted on supports, used on wire processing machines, such as wire drawing machines, spring making, fasteners machines, wire mesh machines, etc. We also sell carbide guide blocks of various types and sizes.

Tungsten carbide wire guides bushes for straightening machines and electrodes nozzles of every hard metal grade and sizes, according to customer needs. Material supplied rough or finished and polished.

How are metal wires straightened?

Straightener is an equipment for straightening metal profiles, bars, pipes, wires, etc. The straightener extrudes the wire rod through the straightening die to change its straightness. Generally, there are two rows of straightening dies with different quantities. There are also two die straightening machines, which straighten materials with different diameters depending on the angle change of straightening die. The main types are pressure straightener, balance roll straightener, shoe roll straightener, rotary reverse bending straightener, etc.

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