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Thread Rolling Dies

Thread rolling dies is a tool for rolling threads by means of metal plastic deformation on the wire rolling machine. The high-quality wire rolling die is required to be made of Cr12MoV material, with hardness above HRC62, wear resistance, and long service life.

Thread rolling tools including flat dies, planetary dies, thread rolling cylindrical dies and annular thrufeed threading dies adopt advanced alloy tool steel and professional vacuum heat treatment, so uniform hardness, extremely high stability, professional and rigorous manufacturing, and quality control, regardless of teeth, and the teeth are extremely high.

We offer good customization services, special specifications, such as screw thread, screw pitch, thread number, etc., can be customized according to customer’s needs.

Annular thrufeed threading dies

Annular Thru-feed Threading Dies are used for rolling threads that exceed the max die width with the thread form ground on the die in straight rings, not helix.

  • Made of selected tool steel Cr12MoV, high hardness and wear-resistance for a long lifespan.
  • Uniform accurate threads for meeting precision threading demands.
  • Smooth surface to produce a better thread.
  • Easy installation and reduced setup time for higher production rates.
  • Regrinding service is available.
Annular thru-feed threading dies specifications

ALONSO P10 170mm 12mm 54mm 90mm max. 2
ALONSO P15 170mm 12mm 54mm 130mm max. 2
ALONSO P25 195mm 12.7mm 69.85mm 220mm max. 2
ALONSO P25 AUTO 195mm 12.7mm 69.85mm 220mm max. 2
CAMPORESI RB7 120mm 8mm 28mm 60mm max. 2
ESCOFIER H12 170mm 12mm 54mm 130mm max. 2
ESCOFIER H24 220mm 12.7mm 69.85mm 160mm max. 2
ESCOFIER H30 220mm 12.7mm 69.85mm 260mm max. 2
ESCOFIER H80 300mm 32mm 120mm 300mm max. 2
GROB RM28X 80mm 6mm 28mm 70mm max. 2
GROB RM54A 150mm 12mm 54mm 160mm max. 2
IZPE RSC300 160mm 12mm 54mm 120mm max. 2
IZPE RSC300H 220mm 12mm 54mm 200mm max. 2
MAGNAGHI T12 175mm 12mm 54mm 200 mm 2
MAGNAGHI T30 215mm 12.7mm 69.85mm 280mm 2
MAPRE 2B 110mm 12mm 54mm 130mm max. 2
MAPRE 3B 190.5mm 12.7mm 69.85mm 150mm max. 2
ORT ITALIA 18B 185mm 12mm 54mm 150mm max. 2
ORT ITALIA 3RP15 175mm 12mm 40mm 80mm max. 2
ORT ITALIA 3RP42 215mm 16mm 69.85mm 150mm max. 2
ORT ITALIA 3RP8 80mm 6mm 28mm 150mm max. 2
PEE WEE P5 120mm 10mm 40mm 38mm max. 2
PEE WEE P12 152.4mm 12mm 54mm 130mm max. 2
PEE WEE P20 195mm 12mm 54mm 160mm max. 2
SENY D25 125mm 12mm 40mm 50mm max. 2
SENY D30 100mm 12mm 40mm 50mm max. 2
SENY D44H 120mm 12mm 40mm 80mm max. 2
SENY D40H 120mm 12mm 40mm 70mm max. 2
SENY D50H 170mm 12mm 54mm 100mm max. 2
SENY D75B 170mm 12mm 54mm 160mm max. 2
G07 THOMMEN 95mm 6mm 28mm 55mm max. 2
G15 THOMMEN 150mm 12mm 54mm 130mm max. 2
G17 THOMMEN 148mm 12mm 54mm 130mm max. 3
TESKER 200 127mm Various Various 82.6mm max. 2
TESKER 215 152.4mm Various Various 114.3mm max. 2
TESKER 320 203.2mm Various Various 139.7mm max. 2
TESKER 635 254mm Various Various 203.2mm max. 2
TSUGAMI T15 180mm 12mm 54mm 150mm max. 2
TSUGAMI T25D 210mm 18mm 85mm 300mm max. 2
YIEH CHEN 30A 80mm 25.4mm 6.35mm 40mm max. 3
YIEH CHEN 60A/AP 140mm 40mm 12mm 50mm max. 3
YIEH CHEN 420 150mm 54mm 12mm 80mm max. 2
YIEH CHEN 530 180mm 54mm 12mm 150mm max. 2
Problems Reasons Solutions
Slivers or flakes Dies not in match Resynchronize rolls
Center line of rolls not parallel with center line of work Check slide for alignment
Deep cross-nicking on dies Check slide gib and springs. Tighten adapter if used.
Feed rate too slow, causing rolls to slip on work Increase rate of penetration
Rough finish on blank Regrind tooling
Machine and dies too large and clumsy for the job Use correct rolls for job
Overfilling dies Reduce blank diameter
Material not adaptable to cold-working Change material. Check with material supplier.
Seamy stock Not suitable for roll threading
Poor finish on thread Corresponding poor finish on the dies Replace rolls
Dies that are worn out or broken Replace rolls
Dies not in match Resynchronize rolls
Chips, from other operations, between rolls and work. Make sure a good jet of clean oil is reaching rolling position.
Material accumulated in threads on roll Replace rolls if material cannot be removed.
Material not ductile enough for coldworking Change material
Split thread Seamy stock Change stock
Dies too short for the job Replace rolls
Drunken Threads Rolls not in match Resynchronize rolls
Center line of rolls not parallel with center line of work Check slide for alignment
Inaccurate rolls Replace rolls
Work bending during rolling. Support part during rolling operation or slow down penetration rate if possible

Planetary thread rolling dies

  • Heat-treated tool steel with superior performance
  • Accurate and precise machined as drawing
  • Easy installation
  • Long lifespan
  • Supplying dies for Prutton, Ingramatic, Omega, Enkotec, Zeus, Ruja, Sakamura, Ticho, Salvi, Sima. etc thread rolling machines
  • We offer regrind service for worn dies
Machine Builders Rolled thread / Nominal dia. Rolled thread / Thread Length Rolling speed (pcs./min.) Feed system Dies width(T) Segment dies / Outside dia. Segment dies / Center angle Roller dies / Internal dia Roller dies / Key-way width
Sakamura Kikai SSR30 3~10 ~80 300~400 Cam ~80 240 120° 127 13
SSR50 12~16 ~80 150~200 Cam ~80 340 120° 127 13
SSR50D 12~16 ~80 150~200 Cam ~80 340 120° 152.4 15
SSR70 16~22 ~75 100~150 Cam ~75 420 120° 228.6 18
FR220 ~6 ~35 350max Cam ~35 165 120° 65 13
FR325 6~8 ~90 200~300 Cam ~90 190 120° 85 13
FR325S 6~8 ~90 200~300 Cam ~90 200 120° 85