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Hot Rolling Roller & Cold Rolling Roller

Mill Roll is the main working component and tool of the rolling mill, and the use is to make the metal continuously plastic deformation. The mill roll is mainly composed of a roll body, a roll neck, and a shaft head, three parts. The mill roll can be arranged in two rolls, three rolls, four rolls, or multi-rolls in the housing.

The roll body is actually involved in the intermediate working portion of the rolling metal. It has a smooth cylindrical or rolled groove. The roll neck is mounted in the bearing and the rolling force is transmitted to the housing through the Pillow Block and the Screwdown Device. The transmission end shaft head is connected to the Pinion Stand by the connecting shaft, and the rotational torque of the motor is transferred to the roll.


3D Tungsten Carbide RollsTungsten carbide cold rolls, also in name wire mesh rolls, tungsten carbide rolls, which are used in cold rolling steel wire into reinforcing wire for the construction industry. TC cold roll includes PR, CA, RT, RO, FO type.
Tungsten carbide rolls in types:

  • Profiling rolls
  • Oval reducing rolls
  • Round reducing rolls
  • Forming rolls
  • Sizing rolls

Tungsten carbide rolls in types

Applications of mill rolls:

Material Hardness(HRA) Range Hot Rolled Strip Back-up Rolls(BUR) Temper Rolls Blooming/slabbing Mill Roll Billet Rolls Rail-beam / Heavy Section Shape / Section Steel Rod / Wire Seamless Steel Tube
Vertical Rolls R RW F1-3 F4-7 Rough Rolling Finish Rolling Blooming Edge Rolling Roll Ring Rough Rolling Intermediate Rolling Pre-finish Rolling Finish Rolling Continuous Sizing
Cast Alloy Steel Rolls 35-45
Semi-steel(Adamite) Rolls 35-65
Graphitic Steel Rolls 40-65
Composite Cast Steel Rolls 55-75
Tool Steel Rolls 65-75
High-speed Steel (HSS) Rolls 80-85
High carbon High-speed Steel Rolls 80-92
High Chrome Steel Rolls 72-82
High Chrome Iron Rolls 70-90
High Nickel-chrome Steel Rolls 70-88
Ductile Iron Rolls 40-75
Forged Steel Rolls 40-70
New High Roughness Retentivity Cold Work RollsNew High Roughness Retentivity Cold Work Rolls Semi HSS Cold Intermediate RollSSemi-HSS Cold Intermediate Rolls
New Plate rolling Back up RollNew Plate rolling Back-up Rolls New High speed Steel Roughing Work RollsNew High-speed Steel Roughing Work Rolls
High Wear Resistance High Finishing Retentivity Rear Work RollSHigh Wear Resistance High Finishing Retentivity Rear Work Rolls High Grade Automobile Sheet Cold Work RollsHigh-Grade Automobile Sheet Cold Work Rolls
Anti roll Mark Roll Cold Work RollsAnti-roll Mark Roll Cold Work Rolls High Wear Resistance and Chromium Free Plating Work RollsHigh Wear Resistance and Chromium-Free Plating Work Rolls
High carbon High speed Steel RollsHigh carbon High-speed Steel Rolls Height Class High Strength Heavy and Medium Plate Mill RollsHeight Class High Strength Heavy and Medium Plate Mill Rolls
Long Term Strip Edger RollsLong Term Strip Edger Rolls Anti-fatigue Impact Resistance 2 Roughing Mill Rolls

Roller Holder matching Tungsten Carbide Cold Rolls assembling in a rolling cassette. Compatible with Eurolls, GSG, and Atomat, almost any brand wire rolling Cassettes. Roller Holder OR roller bearing is a key part of the Wire Rolling cassette for producing reinforcing steel wires and bars.
Roller holder supplied by UKO with following merits:

  • Most parts of the holder processed with Japanese steel by precision CNC machine.
  • Detachable and reusable housing and parts.
  • Holder housing heat treated.
  • Replaceable SKF bearing, just replace the bearing if worn.
  • Accurate design ensuring the steady installation of TC Roller.
  • Smoothly running lessening wear of TC Rollings.
  • High productivity.

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