Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

What’s wire nail making tools?

One end of the nail is pointed, and the other end will have a protruding cap. This part is mainly used to clamp the wire by the clamping mechanism, and cold-heading the cap with nail tools when the exposed wire is moved or oscillated. Realized.

The shape of the nail tip is also extruded through a tungsten carbide nail mold. The nail tip is easier, just squeeze it and it’s done. After the nail is finished, the wire is cut by the cutting mechanism. At this time, the clamping mechanism is loosened and the nail is dropped. Then, according to the above method, the mass production of nails is repeated. Mostly in the design of the whole equipment, the inner groove cam is used in the clamping mechanism and the pinpoint mechanism.

This can effectively avoid the use of springs or relying on gravity to restore the pushrod, and it is relatively stable. The accelerated motion is a flexible impact, and the impact is relatively small, which is also more beneficial to improve production efficiency.

How are nails made?

With the power of the nail-making machine, the highly durable carbon steel wire is drawn out and placed on the continuously rotating drum. After continuous pulling, the wire that has been sized is rolled up. By cutting with the machine, it becomes a truncated Rods, and then use electromagnets to suck them into the nail making machine, using Nail Gripper Dies under the action of hydraulic pliers to make the pointed tail of the nail, and then use the press to use the other end of the pin punch to press out the nail head, Nail manufacturing is complete

In engineering, carpentry and construction, nails refer to pointed hard metals (usually steel), which are used to fix wood and other objects. Hammers nail nails into objects, and there are also electric nail guns and gas nail guns. So nails can stabilize objects, they are hooked on them by their own deformation, and rely on friction.