Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the use of the carbide descaling roller?

  • Quality improvement and plant efficiency through Descaling Roller effective descaling. Regarding Steel Wire Straightening Machine, the Steel Wire quality of them depends to a large extent on Wire Descaling effective descaling.
  • Therefore, the selection of the best carbide descaling roller in the process is a key factor. At the same time, this enables potential energy savings to be realized, which counteract Steel Wire Manufacturers rising energy costs or result from ecological considerations.
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Why remove the oxide skin on the surface of the steel bar?

When the steel bar is out of the steelmaking furnace, under the condition of high temperature of 300-900℃, Fe₃O₄ oxide will form on the surface of the steel bar, which is a kind of oxide scale, which is a compound produced by the hot-rolled steel bar in contact with oxygen in the air during the cooling process.

Its existence will reduce the gripping force of the concrete on the ribbed rebar, which seriously affects the quality and safety of the project. Therefore, it must be thoroughly removed by a Carbide Descaling Roller before the cold rolling process of the steel bar to ensure the quality of the subsequent steel bar rolling.