Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

How to choose cnc milling cutter fixture?

When using a vertical milling machine to process some long rectangular templates, it is often necessary to use milling cutter and end milling cutter together, so frequent tool change has reduced the work efficiency, so how to achieve efficient production? This requires the use of end mill chucks.

There are two types of end mill chucks most commonly used in the market:

  • Collet with good concentricity (e.g. spring collet)
  • Side locking collet

How to choose end mill chuck?

  • Chuck with good concentricity
    Taking the spring collet as an example, the spring collet is composed of the collet body, the elastic collet inserted into the collet body and a nut which can tighten the thread on the collet. When the nut is tightened, the elastic chuck encircling the round toolholder can exert a strong clamping force on the toolholder, so the tool can obtain longer life and higher feed speed, and can improve the surface finish of the workpiece. However, this chuck has no physical stop mechanism, so it is easy to cause the bending deformation of the chuck.
  • Side locking chuck
    The side locking chuck will push the tool away from the center when clamping, so the cutting edge on one side of the milling cutter will bear more cutting load. Once the cutting edge is worn, the whole tool will fail in advance. However, in heavy rough milling, the fastening screw can prevent the tool from being pulled out of the chuck hole.
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