Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

How a spiral cutterhead works?

For the spiral cutterhead to work properly, it must be properly installed, and careful daily maintenance, please follow the steps below.

  • When the spiral cutterhead has been installed on the machine, the equipment power must be turned off before changing the woodworking carbide inserts.
  • Use an air gun or a brush to remove debris, dust, and other foreign matter on the knife shaft.
  • Turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw. Use an air gun or a brush to remove debris and dust from the knife holder to ensure that the knife holder is clean. To prevent the blade from cracking or “edges” on the planed surface.
  • When changing a cutting edge, wipe the blade clean and rotate it 90 degrees. Note: there is a marked point on the surface of the reversible insert to ensure the same orientation and avoid the wrong replacement of the old and new cutting edges.
  • Gently press the blade and slide it a few times to make the bottom surface of the blade fit the blade holder. Lock the screw clockwise and the blade will automatically press against the blade holder positioning table. (Note: In order to ensure that the screws and screw holes will not bite and rust firmly, and to prevent it from being loosened next time, the screws need to be lubricated with oil when changing the blade).
  • Carefully check whether the blade is correctly placed on the blade holder to avoid cutting the blade or cutting edges when the blade is locked.
  • Check the Reversible Knives before use. If it is broken, please replace it immediately to avoid safety accidents and damage to the product. Check the screws frequently to avoid loosening them.

What are the advantages of dw735 spiral cutter shaft?

Firstly, if you replaced the cutter with spiral cutter shaft, that will overcome some problems of flat blades, and has the following advantages:

  • Spiral cutting surface, to ensure that the wood is not torn or tenon.
  • Segmented cutting, very small sawdust, easy to absorb and discharge.
  • Segmented cutting also leting minimal noise, more stable machine.

Among them, DW735 spiral cutter shaft is special R150 degree arc cutter shaft: on the basis of segmented cutting, realize point cutting and perfect planing. Point cutting makes the surface of wood more smooth and delicate; the wood chips are smaller to achieve perfect chip removal; the contact surface is smaller and the machine is quieter and more stable.

Advantages of spiral cutter shaft:

  • Spiral cutting surface: the high-precision design and manufacturing technology arranges the reasonable row of discarded blades around the cutter body to form a smaller cutting surface in unit time, so as to improve the burning mark and the tenon of the blade.
  • Very small sawdust: small cutting area per unit time, very small sawdust formed. It is easy to absorb sawdust in the Chinese and British dust collection system, making the working environment cleaner and more comfortable.
  • The planing effect is more smooth and delicate: the high design of cutter body and blade, plus the benefits of segmented cutting, is to make planing smooth and delicate.
  • Low noise: the noise value generated by the contact between the wood surface and the flat blade in the same time reduces about 30 to 50 dB.
  • The machine is more stable: in unit time, the cutting area is small, the friction is small, the cutting resistance is small, and the vibration amplitude of the machine is smaller, so it is more stable.

So much for today’s introduction of DW735 cutter head.