Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Can APMT1135 be used for face milling?

APMT1135 and APMT1604 milling inserts is belong to shoulder milling inserts, which can be used for shoulder milling, face milling.

Material Processing mode Cutting speed / (m/min) Feed rate / (mm/r) Back cutting amount/mm
Silicon aluminum alloy (w (Si)<13%) Milling 500-3000 0.10-0.30mm/tooth 0.10-3.0
Silicon aluminum alloy (w (Si)>13%) Milling 200-1500 0.10-0.30mm/tooth 0.10-3.0

APMT1135 is generally used for cast aluminum and deformed aluminum.

The cutting parameters of cast aluminum are generally selected according to the content of silicon.

Deformed aluminum alloy has high plasticity and low hardness. The small elastic modulus makes the contact flow and bonding between chips and tools in cutting. The basic requirements for tools are: sharp cutting edge, small blunt circle radius, large positive rake angle, large rear angle and small tool surface roughness.

PCD knife has smooth surface, small friction coefficient with various materials, small affinity with aluminum, difficult to bond and react chemically, and small diamond particle size is selected. It can grind a sharp edge.

PCD cutting edge rake angle R ≥ 0-10 а 0 ≥ 7-20 common edge geometric parameters of tool tip, tool tip rake angle R0 = 0, 10 tool tip rake angle а 0=7、11、20。 Tool tip arc radius r ω= 0.05mm、0.1mm、0.2mm、0.4mm、0.8mm、1.2mm。