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Carbide End Mill

Carbide end mills is powder metallurgy products, sintered in vacuum furnace and hydrogen reduction furnace with high hardness refractory metals WC, TiC, micron powder as the main components and Co, Ni, Mo as the binder, mainly used for milling metal.

UKO offers a variety of materials and cost-effective end mill products (including solid carbide end mill bits, DLC coating end mill, high-speed steel milling bit) to provide efficient and cost-controlled metal cutting solutions. Our technicians can provide you with technical support, including the selection of end mills crafts, improve efficiency life, and all non-standard technical solutions, to complete one-stop service for you.


UKO’s solid carbide end mills bring high cutting performance, good speeds and feed for carbide end mills, longer tool life, and a better finish in general-purpose milling applications.
UKO is mainly focusing on Solid Carbide End Mills as below:

  • Copper and aluminum alloy special series
  • Universal steel milling cutter series
  • Universal micro-diameter and in-depth groove milling cutter series
  • High speed and high hardness in-depth groove milling cutter series
  • Automotive mold milling cutter series

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Standard carbide end mills catalog

High-efficiency DLC coating end mills(includes DLC coating ball nose end mills, DLC coating square end mills with U-shaped), suitable for processing aluminum alloy (AL5052, 6061, 7075), copper electrode.

Advantages of DLC coating ball nose end mills:

  • Ultra-high hardness and low friction coefficient.
  • High-strength anti-vibration, smooth workpiece surface.
  • Breakdown utilization rate, saving production time.

Advantages of DLC coating square end mills with U-shaped:

  • The latest DLC coating ensures good wear resistance and stability.
  • Unique U-groove design, high-efficiency processing.
  • Realizing wet and dry machining of aluminum copper.

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DLC coating end mills catalog 2021

Our HSS End Mills (HSS -AL) features a variety of regular length sizes and can use for most milling operations. End Mill Bits can be used for a variety of milling operations on most materials, including steel, aluminum, at an economical price.

Product advantages:

  • Durable end Cutting edge designed to consider the durability of steel treatment.
  • Side milling is more smooth, stiffness, and earthquake resistance, increase milling feed and milling speed and increase production efficiency.
  • High precision polishing, non-sticking cutter, no burning cutter, milling drag is smooth and more stable.

Related Products

New special coating for maximizing anti-abrasion. UKO provides end mills for machining carbon steel, iron steel, low and high alloyed steel, and will launch a new type of coating for processing hardened steel.


  • Full-edge anti-seismic design improves the cutting status of the tool
  • Thick ligaments are good for processing abrasive steel and realize the wear resistance of cutting tools

Ball Nose End MillsStrong cutting power for high speed and efficiency. Ultrafine surface after machining, UKO end mills provide excellent work surface finish by high hardness, high precise edge tolerance, and low friction.

  • The use of high-quality 0.4μ fine tungsten steel rods, high toughness and wear resistance, improve tool life
  • ARCO multi-layer nano-coating structure, multi-layer stacking, uniformly conform
  • Large core diameter design has strong rigidity and good seismic resistance

Square End MillsDesign to increase breakage-resistance. This strain has excellent abrasion resistance and cracks resistance in the range of low to medium cutting speed, increasing the cutter life in continuous and interrupted cutting.

  • The blade is sharp and wear-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Knife-edge fine grinding process
  • Has a good chip removal effect
  • Good chip breaking speed
  • High-efficiency continuous machining

DLC Coated End Mills
DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) Anchor icon is excellent performance on hardness and lubricity, is a very popular coating for machining aluminum, copper, and carbon fiber. This coating is ideal for high production light finishing applications such as finish profiling and circle milling where holding size and finish are critical.

UKO adopts the latest DLC coating to improve the wear resistance of the end mill, and the service life is increased by 2~3 times.

  • The latest DLC color coating process.
  • Good self-lubrication and surface hardness.
  • Used for slotting, groove milling.
  • U-shaped chip discharge tank, high efficiency.
  • Optimized edge design, good surface finish.
Four cutting edges finish milling cutter Four cutting edges finish milling cutter
Four cutting edges long milling cutter Four cutting edges long milling cutter
Four cutting edges rough milling cutter Four cutting edges rough milling cutter
Finish milling cutter for aluminum Finish milling cutter for aluminum
Rough milling cutter for aluminum Rough milling cutter for aluminum
Two edges milling cutter Two edges milling cutter
Inner corner rounding end mills Inner corner rounding end mills
Countersunk end mills Countersunk end mills
Counterbore drill Counterbore drill

Why choose us?

We can manufacture and supply literally hundreds of both standard and custom-size solid carbide end mills and HSS end mills for most applications. Whether you need standard or non-standard end mills with flat, ball nose, or corner radius forms, or even micro end mills forms, We can turn your design into an end mill in just days.

Our milling cutter products are manufactured in 100% raw materials and strict process, even in the harshest working conditions, we are the most advantageous milling cutter plant.
We offer complete product categories from carbide miniature carbide end mill to the largest end mill on the market. We offer general purpose mills as well as high-performance mills. And we have all the latest coating technologies such as TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, and AlCrN.


What is ISO turning inserts naming rules?2021-10-22T08:53:49+00:00

Turning inserts shape symbol:

Turning inserts shape symbol

Turning inserts shape symbol T N M G:
Turning Inserts Shape Symbol TNMG

Turning inserts shape symbol clearance angle:

Turning Inserts Shape Symbol Clearance Angle
Turning inserts inscribed circle diameter:

Turning inserts inscribed circle diameter
Turning inserts corner radius:

Turning inserts corner radius
Turning inserts chip breaker and hole:

Turning inserts chip breaker and holeTurning inserts thickness:

Turning inserts thicknessThe height between insert bottom and nose:

The height between insert bottom and nose

What is carbide end mill?2021-09-28T06:56:36+00:00

Carbide endmill is an industrial rotating cutting tool that can be used for milling operations, which is made from tungsten carbide (WC) and cobalt (Co) materials. They are also commonly referred to as a “carbide milling bit”. Center cutting end mill can be used for plunging operations (axial milling), and can also be used in side milling operations (radial milling). Non-center cutting bits may only be used in side milling applications.
The most common material used for end mills is tungsten carbide, but HSS (high speed steel) and Cobalt (high speed steel with cobalt as an alloy) are also available.

What is aluminum high-speed steel (HSS-Al)?2021-09-28T06:55:28+00:00

Aluminum-containing high-speed steel (HSS-Al) is smelted by a method of carbon (Al) elements based on molybdenum high-speed steel and is designed to increase thermal hardness and wear resistance.

The performance of the aluminum-containing high-speed steel is similar to the cobalt-containing ultra-hard high-speed steel, the hardness of the heat treatment is HRC67 ~ 69, the anti-bending strength is 290 kg / square millimeters, the impact value is 2.3~3kg 1m/cm² The high-temperature hardness at 600°C is HRC54~55.

Aluminum-containing high-speed steel (HSS-Al) forging performance and excellent cutting performance, but grinding performance is lower than normal high-speed steel when grinding with white jade wheels, and superior to high-speed steel and high vanadium high-speed steel and high vanadium Cobalt high-speed steel.

The durability of the HSS-Al tool is similar to the cobalt-containing ultra-hard high-speed steel, 1 to 2 times higher than the ordinary high-speed steel, up to 3 to 4 times.

What are CNC milling tools?2021-09-28T06:30:38+00:00

CNC milling tools is a rotary cutter with one or more cutter teeth, which is used for milling by CNC machine. During operation, each cutter tooth cuts off the metal allowance of the workpiece intermittently in turn.

How to classify CNC milling cutters?

A. According to the materials used to manufacture milling cutters, they can be divided into:

  • High-speed steel cutting tools.
  • Cemented carbide cutting tools.
  • Diamond cutting tools.
  • Other material cutting tools, such as cubic boron nitride cutting tools, ceramic cutting tools, etc.

B. According to the different structures of milling cutter, it can be divided into:

  • Integral type: the tool and handle are made into one.
  • Inlay type: it can be divided into welding type and machine clamp type.
  • Vibration damping type when the ratio of the working arm length and diameter of the tool is large, this kind of tool is often used in order to reduce the vibration of the tool and improve the machining accuracy.
  • Internal cooling type: cutting fluid is sprayed to the cutting edge of the tool through the nozzle hole inside the tool body.
  • Special types: such as compound tools, reversible thread tapping tools, etc.

C. According to the different structures of milling cutter, it can be divided into:

  • Face milling cutter (also known as end milling cutter): there are cutting edges on the circumferential surface and end face of the face milling cutter, and the end cutting edge is the auxiliary cutting edge. The face milling cutter is mostly made into sleeve gear insert structure and indexable structure of blade clamp. The cutter teeth are made of high-speed steel or cemented carbide, and the cutter body is 40Cr. Drilling tools, including drill bits, reamers, taps, etc;
  • Die milling cutter: die milling cutter is developed from end milling cutter. It can be divided into conical end milling cutter, cylindrical ball end milling cutter and conical ball-end milling cutter. Its handle has straight handle, flattened straight handle and Morse taper handle. Its structural feature is that the ball head or end face is full of cutting edges, and the circumferential edge is connected with the ball head edge in an arc, which can feed radially and axially. The working part of the milling cutter is made of high-speed steel or cemented carbide. Aluminum spot welder
  • Keyway milling cutter: used for milling keyway.
  • Forming milling cutter: the cutting edge is consistent with the shape of the surface to be machined.
What is CNC lathe machine?2021-09-28T06:27:43+00:00

CNC lathe machine is an automatic lathe machine equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process the program with control code or other symbolic instructions and decode it, so as to make the machine tool operation and process parts.

Compared with an ordinary lathe machine, CNC lathe machine have the following characteristics:

  • High processing precision and stable processing quality;
  • It can carry out multi coordinate linkage and process parts with complex shapes;
  • When processing parts are changed, generally only the NC program needs to be changed, which can save production preparation time;
  • The machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity, can select favorable processing amount and high productivity (generally 3 ~ 5 times that of ordinary machine tools);
  • The machine tool has a high degree of automation, which can reduce the labor intensity;
  • Higher quality requirements for operators and higher technical requirements for maintenance personnel.

CNC lathe machines are generally composed of the following parts:

  • Host, which is the subject of CNC machine tools, including machine body, column, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical parts. It is a mechanical part used to complete various cutting processes.
  • NC device is the core of NC machine tool, including hardware (printed circuit board, CRT display, key box, paper tape reader, etc.) and corresponding software. It is used to input digital part program, complete input information storage, data transformation, interpolation operation and realize various control functions.
  • The driving device, which is the driving part of the actuator of NC machine tool, including spindle driving unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feeds motor. He realizes spindle and feeds drive through electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system under the control of NC device. When several feeds are linked, the machining of positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve can be completed.
  • Auxiliary devices, some necessary supporting parts of index control machine tool, to ensure the operation of NC lathe machine, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring, etc. It includes hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip removal devices, exchange worktables, CNC turntables and CNC indexing heads, as well as CNC inserts and monitoring and detection devices.

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