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Carbide Descaling Roller

Carbide descaling rolls are made from tungsten carbide or steel and are used for the mechanical descaling of entry rods in reduction mills. Stress-relieving Rolls are made from tungsten carbide to improve the mechanical characteristics of the cold rolling wire.

UKO offers descaling rolls are made of tungsten carbide or steel, long service life, and stable product quality.

Cold forming carbide descaling roller for straightening round rebar
Cemented carbide descaling and straightening roller for steel wire cassette
T.C descaling rolls making uniform bending of wire
YG15 entry rod mechanical descaling roller with long service life
Carbide wire straighten wire roller descaling rolls
Smooth surface cemented carbide descaling roller for straightening carbon steel wire
100% virgin material cemented carbide descaling roller rings for roll forming lines
Polishing tungsten carbide burnishers roller for descaling wire

Structure of carbide descaling rollersWith more than 16 years of experience manufacturing tungsten carbide rollers for the metalworking industry, wire, and bar drawing plant, UKO has gained business partners from various regions with positive feedback.

Tungsten Carbide Wire Roller including:

  • Descaling Roller
  • Stress-relieving Roller
  • Straightening Roller
  • Guide Roller


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